Scaffold Quality Control – A Critical Link to Ensure Scaffold Security

We insist on quality first and all our products going through strict quality control procedures before leaving the factory to ensure that all products received are qualified.

International Standards icon

Accord with International Standards

All our productions are produced in accordance with international standards, including ISO, ASTM, Australia and other standards. All product tolerances are within the standard requirements.

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A Large Number of Skillful Workers

All our workers must pass through the induction training before taking up their posts. We have a large number of skillful workers who have at least 3 years of production experience and follow strict standard operating procedures to operate machine skillfully and smoothly, Besides, their efficient work can improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.

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Strict QC System

We have strict quality control system to inspect our products before, during and after production. Any defect will be detected and separated. We promise all our products we delivered are qualified.

A quality inspector is checking the ring thickness with a calliper.

Ring thickness check

A quality inspector is conducting cuplock standard test on the machine.

Cuplock standard test

A cuplock scaffolding horizontal is placed on the machine for testing.

Cuplock ledger test

A worker is checking the scaffold tube diameter.

Galvanized steel tube diameter inspection

A micrometer is used to check the tube wall thickness.

Galvanized steel tube wall thickness inspection

Steel plank is placed on the testing machine for bearing capacity test.

Scaffold steel plank test

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