Main Factors Affect Your Scaffolding Selection

Scaffolding is an essential part of many building projects. It allows workers accessing to higher positions of the building and performing construction, maintenance and renovation tasks easily. Therefore, choosing the right scaffolding perfect for your project is of great importance to worker safety and the completion of the whole project.

How to Choose the right scaffolding for your Projects?

You may consider from the following aspects.

Installation Method
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Generally, scaffolding is divided into three main categories according to its installation methods.

A ringlock scaffolding system with adjustable jack bases is erected next to the facade of the workshop.

Supported Scaffolding

It is the most commonly used type of scaffolding. It is generally fixed on the solid ground with adjustable jack base. It has solid foundation and high bearing capacities; therefore, it is generally used in places where large scale buildings or overlength structures need to be constructed, repaired or renovated.

A mobile ringlock scaffolding system with caster wheels is placed next to the warehouse.

Mobile Scaffolding

Just as its name implies, mobile scaffolding refers to scaffolding with mobile caster wheels. It is easy to move and is especially for construction tasks requiring frequently change like plastering, painting and tunnel maintenance.

A suspended ringlock scaffolding is displayed.

Suspended Scaffolding

It is a platform suspended from an elevated structure via pulleys and rails. It is generally used in places where scaffold cannot be erected on the ground.

Construction Needs
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When choosing the right scaffolding for your project, you must get familiar with your construction needs. Different construction needs may lead to different scaffolding selection. Before choosing a scaffolding, you have to consider the construction area, available space and the ground conditions of the construction site. If the construction area is large without space limitations, and the ground is level and solid, then you'd better go with a supported scaffolding. Generally, mobile scaffolding is recommended for construction tasks requiring frequently change. While suspended scaffolding is recommended for extremely high buildings.

Ground Stability
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The ground conditions of your construction site will absolutely have a significant influence on your scaffolding selection. If the ground is solid, level and stable, then supported scaffolding is your best choice. If the ground is soft, uneven and unstable, then suspended scaffolding will be a safer option. However, if your project is located in a place where supported scaffolding will hinder the access into the building or the traffic on the ground, you will have to go for suspended scaffolding even if your construction is conducted on a firm ground.

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Height is another factor that affects the selection of scaffolding. If the project manager fails to take the height of the construction into consideration, then scaffolding accident may occur. Getting the exact height of your project and choosing a scaffolding that is high enough to finish the project are really important to ensure the construction safety of your project. Generally, if the construction height is 50 meters or below, supported scaffolding is a good choice while if the construction height is 50 meters above, then suspended scaffolding is preferable for safety considerations.

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No matter what kind of construction project you are engaged in, price always plays an important role in your scaffolding selection. Compared with suspended scaffolding, supported and mobile scaffolding are more budget-friendly as most of the components are standard specifications and can be reused for future projects. In most cases, suspended scaffolding is more expensive as most of the components are custom specifications for this project and cannot be reused for other projects.

We have ringlock scaffolding, quicklock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding and tube and coupler scaffold for you to choose from. All these scaffolds can be assembled into the three scaffolding systems mentioned above. If you are still confused how to choose the right scaffolding for your project, please contact our scaffolding sales team for more information, we will give you our professional suggestions to ensure you get the most cost-effective scaffold within your budget.

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